Results (Kinda)

It’s been a pretty eventful weekend since I posted last.

My blood results came in late Friday. My regular family doctor called me. He said he admittedly wasn’t trained to read these tests, but that I have elevated white count and inflammatory markers. However, the specific test for rheumatoid came back NEGATIVE.

Now, wait. Yes, you want to say this is great news. But it’s not. All it means is that they have no idea what’s wrong, just that something is. My heart sank when he said negative because EVERYTHING about it fits my symptoms.

Later I was able to access my lab results through my online portal and I started researching. Turns out, my white count is 17 times the normal amount. That would mean I’d have to have a raging infection that’s going treated.

But I have no active infection.

My inflammatory markers were so high, they were hundreds of times what “normal” should be.

So, regular doc referred me to a rheumatologist and I saw him today. Here’s what HE said.

I definitely have an auto immune disease. He said it’s not common OR uncommon for people with RA to test negative on this test, especially if the RA is more advanced. He DOES suspect RA. He had some blood drawn for another type of test that can hopefully confirm this and get me diagnosed. In the meantime, he put me back on steroids (a VERY low dose) and I’ll see him in 2 weeks when the blood results are in – and at that time, hopefully I will have better answers.

Floors. Still not done. DON’T get me started. Hopefully tomorrow.

Projects. Since my physical condition is deteriorating so quickly, I’m trying to take on projects while I’m still able. I’m already unable to some things I had planned like sanding and stuff, but I can still do lighter easier work. This was an easy one. I painted my kitchen and then put the tree up. See the hooks that look like branches? Kinda cool, eh?

Vinyl tree

Emotionally. Don’t ask. Same. Worse sometimes. Never better. Just the same or worse.

Physically. Up and down, but overall pretty crappy. My equilibrium is really off and Lyrica is still making me stupid, so I’m not driving much. I’m using Michael’s cane from time to time when I feel really wobbly. My awesome neighbors have been running my errands and even shopped for me (with a list I made) and left groceries at my doorstep today which made me cry. It was seriously one of the most loving gestures. The Lyrica IS starting to work on the nerve pain. The fire in my legs and feet is gone. I’m having issues with loss of sensation.

I think I decided to give PT a try. I need this surgery. I’ve considered a rehab facility for my recovery. I’m just not sure what other option I have. I’ll need round the clock care for many weeks.

I’m not sure how I feel about Thursday. I guess I’ll know on Thursday.

Thanks for reading. That’s all for today.


~ Lisa

10 thoughts on “Results (Kinda)

  1. Answers soon, we can hope. Pred is my wonder drug – hoefully it will help you too. Hang in there – on many fronts – we’re here.


  2. That tree is amazing! You have so many talents! Writing, rescue, art, helping , caring, the list goes on . Reach out to me if you would like about the RA. It Was quite frustrating when my daughter was diagnosed with RA and I was a basket case . She couldn’t even check her shoulder when driving or put her hair in a ponytail. It will get better even though it seems it won’t . I promise . I can share what has worked etc if you would like . Glad you got in so fast!

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    1. Thanks Michele! It’s just a tree wall decal I didn’t paint that, just the walls behind it 😂

      It validates me for you to describe your daughter’s pain. I have the same experiences. Thanks for posting about it. ❤️


  3. Clever hook placement. Beautiful work! I’m not a fan of Thursday. Pushing through the holidays to get to January. Yesterday Alan said why don’t you two jet off to Vegas Thursday? And I’m like uhhh ya why the fuck don’t we?
    So so so so so sorry to hear about all the physical pain and torment. What in the ever loving fuck is that all about. Sending love!

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  4. Ugh. Those indefinite results are enough to send anyone into orbit. I love you girl😘❤️
    Btw. I can’t open any pics you post. 😪


  5. Wow, thanks for the great update. I was wondering earlier today if you had gotten the test results back. The tree is awesome. I love it! And nice paint job! I hope you don’t have RA. I have it in my hands and it’s a bitch sometimes. BUT if you do have it, there are meds. WTF with the floors???? Yes, it sounds like you have wonderful neighbors. Good for them! Glad you are allowing them to help out. I think PT is a wise decision on your part. It’s definitely worth a try right? You’re a strong woman Lisa. You may not feel like it, but its evident in the things you are doing. You are taking the bull by the horns. Very admirable. Michael was right. Your strength is showing through. Sending healing thoughts.

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  6. The tree is awesome, I love it. I am glad you have finally gotten in to see a rheumatologist and hopefully you will start having some benefit from the low dose steroids soon. You more than deserve a break. I think that rehab will be beneficial after your surgery. It will allow you to focus on recovery and repair of your body so you will be in better shape for your furbabies upon your return home. The generosity of your neighbors show what a blessing you are in the hearts and lives of others. Sending love and hugs my friend.

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