Results – Confirmed

The hits just keep on coming. Results are in. I have an auto-immune disease.

My blood test that we were waiting for was a Vectra Test. It tests for stuff in the blood that indicates Rheumatoid arthritis. Here’s the score scale. Vectra score

And in typical Lisa over-achiever fashion, I scored SUPER high on the test nobody wants to score high on. My score? 86. 86 out of 100. EIGHTY -SIX. Because I don’t do anything half-assed. :/ That means the disease is severe right now. And drug therapy is beginning.

I’m on a few vitamins, had to get a pneumonia shot because my immunity is pretty low. I’m on steroids which further weakens my immune system. Also, I’m taking methotrexate. This is technically a chemo drug, but it’s used widely for RA. I take 6 pills all at once, once a week. I am taking the first dose tonight. I’ve been putting it off since yesterday. I’m afraid to take them, but down the hatch they shall go. It’s just really difficult psychologically to swallow pills that are essentially poison.

My limited physical abilities = limited projects at home. Were you at Michael’s Celebration of Life? If you were, you’ll recognize his memory tree. It was on display in the back of the room with the other mementos, and we had people write memories of Michael on cards and hang them on the tree. I’ve saved all of those memory cards as well. ❤ Anyway, I took it down to the shortest height, removed the stand, ran the plug through the water drain hole at the bottom, got some floral foam and some moss, stuck it all in a chipped pot that I got for almost nothing, and voila! I think it’s beautiful, and now it’s a permanent fixture in our (my) home.

Michael's tree

I’m JUST ABOUT ready to take photos of the house for all of you to see. There are still a few touches that need to be done before I am ready to reveal it in its entirety, but it’s coming together so nicely. I’ve made sure that there is a piece of Michael in every single room and space. I’ve only placed things out that I love or that serve a purpose. I’ve decluttered dramatically. Organized like crazy. Made it mine but still making sure you feel him everywhere. It’s a warm and comfortable place to be. The only thing that’s missing is him. ❤

I’m pretty messed up about everything right now. I have so much stress. I miss him. He’d make all of this feel surmountable.

Hey, who wants to see two fluffy dogs? I woke them up from napping to snap a pic. ❤


And now, I’m going to sign off and take all of these poisonous pills. Wish me luck. ❤



~ Lisa


6 thoughts on “Results – Confirmed

  1. So glad you finally got conformation of your diagnosis and have gotten started on MTX. It is a very tolerable medication and hopefully within a few weeks you will see considerable improvement in your symptoms and pain.
    I love the tree it is beautiful and I cannot wait to see further pics of your new space.
    Sending Love & Hugs my friend.


  2. I have an immune system disorder. It’s difficult. You have to avoid anyone who’s sick and all the other stuff that goes along with it. 😦 Can’t wait for the house pictures. Love and hugs.


  3. You’ve got this! I was scared to death about my daughter starting the meds that included methotrexate ( or meth;) as we call it). She gave herself a shot of it weekly . She also had another shot (Enbrel) weekly. Within a week her symptoms improved. Meds definitely feel like a double edged sword but we are still thankful for them. Eventually she was able to cut down on them but we hit it hard at first to try to knock it down. She also has it severely. Poly articular rheumatoid factor positive RA:/ BUT, as I said I promise it will get better! Love that tree by the way and love reading your posts. You really do have a gift for writing!


  4. You’re being so brave about the meds. You’ve got to kick it in the ass and get those markers down a few levels. Here’s to hoping methaltrexate does it’s job, and you can be weaned off of it. ❤

    Thank you for the picture of the fuzzy dogs ❤

    (I was going to paste in a picture of one of my fuzzy dogs, but the blog comment space won't let me :/ )


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