Help Wanted

This is nothing but a classified ad, and for that I’m sorry.

  1. I need an attorney to help me with taking legal action against a contractor. I plan to pay this attorney, so I’m not looking for handouts this time. Weird, huh? Ideally, the attorney would work on contingency, but I’m just making it clear that I am not expecting pro-bono work.  Who do you know? 
  2. King-sized bed must go pronto. It’s in the entryway of my house because I have no place to store it. Make me any reasonable offer and COME GET IT PLEASE!
    1. It’s a Simmons BeautyRest Recharge Hybrid. They don’t make it anymore (they do but they’ve changed the name I think) so it’s not easy to find a current price.
    2. It’s king, and comes with low-profile box springs that we paid extra for.
    3. Comes with a frame.
    4. It’s about 13-14 months old and has been in a plastic mattress protector since the day it arrived in our house. We paid over $3000 for it. It’s a NICE mattress, minimal wear.

These pics obviously aren’t the actual bed because as I mentioned, THAT is in my entryway….but this is what it is. Interested? Email me. Know a lawyer? Email me. Thank you. ❤

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