Poison Drugs, Part 2

Hello everyone 🙂

If you’re following, you know I had to take these poison pills the other night. pills

I took them Wednesday night, and all day Thursday I was SO SICK. It was almost the worst day of my life. Yesterday I was a little better, and today I’m much better. So it’s safe to say I’m tolerating the treatment okay. I’m sure they will get easier each week (she says with a tinge of hopefulness).

I can’t drink alcohol anymore because these drugs mess up my liver. So that’s a bummer because this time of year I like my boozy cocoas.

I’m doing okay. The steroids are kicking in again so the joint swelling is down. The Lyrica is working on the nerve pain and I’m building up a tolerance to it so it doesn’t dope me up me as badly anymore.

I heard from a friend this morning with a referral to PT, so part of me wants to take the plunge and get that going for my spine. But the bigger part of me feels like it’s just too much to deal with it all at once. I really want to focus on my RA and deal with my back later, but I feel like I started something I have to continue now. But part of me wants to give myself permission to just postpone the spine stuff. The Lyrica is working and I’m in much better shape pain-wise. I’ll need another fusion eventually (a third one) so I feel like postponing the second one just buys time until that third one. I keep wondering what Michael would say if he were here. I believe he would want me to focus on the RA because it’s internal and far more serious. I believe he would agree that we handle one issue at a time and that RA is priority. I believe that, anyway.

I woke up in a good mood today. I slept really well (OMG this bed!), played some music while I cleaned my kitchen and drank my coffee, played with the girls after they had breakfast. Here’s hoping that today continues to be a better day. ❤


~ Lisa

5 thoughts on “Poison Drugs, Part 2

  1. You’re keeping things in perspective, Lisa, which is good. And your rational thought processes on which treatment needs to take the forefront seem good as well. Every day, more and more, you are making forward progress. way to go! And I bet the new bed helped too!


  2. So glad to see some light in the darkness today <3. If you haven't read about 'spoon theory' you should. You will need to give yourself permission to feel physically crappy and have days where tasks take more spoons than they normally would. You're pretty amazing at just accepting things as they are, and that will definitely help. hugs


  3. Another wonderful blog showing that you are in fact advancing SO well along that path. Playing music, cleaning the kitchen, playing with the dogs. Sounds wonderfully normal (??) doesn’t it? You’re doing it. Slowly but surely! Be proud! So happy for you.

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