Greetings, friends 🙂

I haven’t written much. Been in a funk of epic proportions. Been going through some stuff at home, stuff with my health, stuff in my mind, stuff in my heart. Going through the motions, attending appointments, and adulting as best as I can. Sometimes successfully, sometimes not. But I’m considering every sun that sets a victory.

So, what can I update you on. I guess I’ll start with my health. Neuro appointment today. She doesn’t think it’s MS but won’t rule it out. My MRI shows significant degeneration in my mid spine. I also have a new diagnosis of carpal tunnel and a new diagnosis of small fiber neuropathy. Both are caused by the RA and both are painful and difficult to deal with. Basically, it feels like my nerves and my bones are collapsing little by little. My RA is unchanged. I’m still not on Xeljanz because of nightmare-y insurance issues. I’m trying to navigate new insurance that is provided by the State of MN or Hennepin County or something. I really don’t understand it all. It’s like reading a foreign language and I don’t know which way is up. This is a combination of widow’s fog and whatever neuro condition is happening. My short-term memory is fried and my cognitive skills are fried. Anyway, I have insurance but I don’t understand it, so it appears I’m the holdup with the correct drugs getting into my hands.

In life news: I lost my small claims suit, so MBB Construction essentially got away with ruining my floors, my life, and my bank account during a time when I was losing the love of my life. C’est la vie. I’ve let it go.

I’ve been doing lots and lots of serious thinking about my path, my life, my future, my truths, myself. This tsunami is far from over, and it’s been an immensely painful experience so far. But I can say this: I have an inner peace that is untouchable. I also have knowledge that I wish I didn’t have about relationships and people in my life, but they are still truths. I know SO MUCH truth. I live in truth, I speak the truth, and I am not afraid of any truth. Nothing can hurt me any more. You can’t break what’s already broken. This new truth and knowledge for me, represents pain and freedom all at once. And it all comes back to this. Words mean nothing. Actions speak everything.

When people SHOW you who they are or what they care about, believe them. 

There will be some significant changes in my life very soon. I’m reaching a crossroads and I’m getting signs from something bigger than myself. I had been ignoring those signs or reasoning them away, but I can no longer ignore them. The winds of change are swirling, and Michael is behind them. I hear him and I feel him. And I know I’m headed in the right direction.

Which brings me to the theme of my life right now. I found it as a meme, and loved it so much I wrote it on my mirror.


I guess that’s the slow change I’m feeling. Aspiring. To anything. I used to just hope I’d make it through the day without killing myself. Now, I am looking at the life in front of me as though it may actually happen. It’s not a life I wanted, never a life I would have chosen. But it’s the life that’s been handed to me. I’m feeling some fight come back. I’m starting to care. I’m redefining what I want. And most of all, at the very front of my mind and my heart is my HUSBAND. Michael is HERE. With me. Guiding me, steering, gently nudging me towards some things and away from others. Towards some people and away from others. He’s become by conscience, my compass, my guiding star. And I KNOW that if nothing else, as of this very moment he is proud of me. I’ll keep living my life to make him proud until I find my own motivation. For now, that’s enough to keep me looking forward in his name.

I’ll make him proud. ❤


~ Lisa

PS – here are the puppies of Michael’s litter! Seven puppies keeping things VERY busy at the casa:


Josie, the puppy’s mom, is after Michael’s middle name Joseph. ❤

7 thoughts on “Aspiring

  1. Like everyone else, I was glad to see your positive attitude come thru in this post, even tho you’re in pain and still experiencing troubles, along with grieving Michael (of course)… Yes, you’ve made him proud AND you can be proud of yourself! You have accomplished so much in your life and you keep going, despite adversity. You’re an awesome human who has more good to do in this world!


  2. Despite sadness, pain and disappointment in family/friends, your words are so encouraging. You truly are a strong woman Lisa. I love the Michael puppies. You are very creative in your naming of them! In your last post you said that Emerson was sick and heading to the vet. Is Emerson OK now? Thank you for keeping us updated. Sending hugs.


  3. Lisa I’m very glad to read the “aspiring” word in your post. Wonderful. I wish you were feeling physically better, too. Please consider letting me come out and give you a Fascial Stretch. Just text me. The Michael puppies are so sweet. What a lovely way to name them. It sucks about your court case. Sorry. Here’s to finding motivation through Michael’s inspiration. ❤


  4. I’m so so sorry you lost the case. What a crock, but I’m glad you feel you can finally move on from it and do have beautiful floors now. Love the story of the names of your house guests. LOVELY! ❤


  5. Lisa,
    Have you checked into Social Security Disability? You can also get Medicare along with a monthly check. You do need a Doctor to say that you can’t work full-time or something like that. I’m no expert on this, but sounds like you have a good chance of qualifying for it. Just a thought and you sound like your doing a little better. Keep listening to your guardian angel.


  6. I love this post. <3. I’m glad you’re less stagnant if not appreciably better physicall. If you’re on MnSure do they have case workers? In all my various trips through partial hospital I had lots of friends on state insurance, also on disability so I’m not sure if the two things were separate or combined. Our psychiatric nurse also helped us with those things, might be worth asking if you have one? Many hugs.


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