Shine on

Today was a big deal and a big step for me.

Anyone who worked with Michael or who saw Michael coming or going from work knows that he had some beautiful dress clothes. I dressed him well. ❤ He always liked to look his best and he wore a shirt and tie to work every single day, even if it wasn’t required.

While I won’t part with his infamous tie collection, I decided it was time to part with his work clothes so that they could be worn by others.

Hanger by hanger I went, taking the clothes off the hangers – but before I folded them for the donation box, I inserted these into every pocket. Every suit coat, every shirt pocket, every pair of dress pants. For those who weren’t at his memorial service, these were handed out. Well, I should say they were available and hardly anyone took them 😦 so I was left with a lot. And now, the next person who wears these clothes will know they were donated by a wonderful man. Maybe they’ll plant the seeds in his honor.


I only kept a few of his clothes. Got rid of all of his winter coats, and even the suit he wore at our wedding. I don’t have a use for them anymore. And I know that if they help even one person get a job or have the confidence they need to change their day, then it was worth parting with them.

The winds of change continue to blow my direction and they’re getting stronger and stronger. I’ll have more news to share soon. For today, I wanted to celebrate this tough step and pat myself on the back. This wasn’t easy. And I got through it. ❤



7 thoughts on “Shine on

  1. Wow, Lisa! I love everything about this post. Truly your bravery and strength is inspirational. Congratulations on taking such a big step in such a gracious and meaningful way. ❤️


  2. Every small step is a huge accomplishment. Many men will be able to stand taller and with confidence in the clothes you shared and the Forget Me Nots are perfect. Hope you figure out something really special for those ties!!


  3. That is a beautiful tribute! Truly a difficult thing to part with Michael’s clothes but it is a generous and beautiful tribute to him. There will be many men dressed in style!


  4. Oh Lisa, what a huge step. Your inner strength is truly shining through. Such a perfect idea to put these remembrances in the pockets of the clothes. I can already picture how many people these beautiful clothes will help to achieve their hopes and dreams. And no matter who gets them, they will certainly know they are from someone special. Michael’s legacy lives on. Helping those in need, be it humans or animals.
    Much love to you.


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