Things that make ME go hmmmm

It was mentioned to me yesterday by a friend that when I post about grief (the original purpose of this blog), I get very minimal comments. But when I posted about the DR, everyone comments.

Kinda makes me feel like a lot of people are here to just watch my pain. They don’t really care about it as they have nothing to say; or they aren’t really comfortable with it maybe – which really makes them kinda voyeuristic. I guess that makes me feel a little bit like a freak show. The train wreck that everyone’s watching to see what’ll happen next. If this describes you, please move on. This is a vulnerable place for me and I don’t really have a desire to become someone’s entertainment.

There’s no need to comment about how you just never know what to say. There’s no need to explain how much you care but you’re just left speechless. Really. Don’t.

That’s all for today!

7 thoughts on “Things that make ME go hmmmm

  1. I read every blog you write, painful or not, happy or not – I care. I have had my own darkness and I recognize your pain even if I can’t know it’s depth, and I am very glad to see a few glimpses of light in that very dark emotional place you’re in. If the words ‘I hear you, I’m listening’ helps you feel support, please know that’s exactly what I feel, every time you write something. You matter Lisa, you’re a very special soul. Michael knew that. Many of us do.


  2. Hugs to you Lisa, we all process grief differently or very similiar. Some of what you described describes what I have gone through or going through. Its been a up and down process for me. Having a incurable illness too doesn’t help either because it also makes me go through those emotions all over again. Also very close to losing my sister who has been very instrumental in the losses I have been through and now I am losing her. Keep posting Lisa! I am there too for you.


  3. You are not a freak show!!!! You write with truth and I appreciate the honesty you put in your posts. I am hoping that you the work you are doing down in the DR helps you feel like you are making a difference. I’m so sorry for the nasty pettiness you had to deal with in MN with your rescue. You did amazing things and saved so many animals. My Sawyer-the puggle is my little sidekick and I love that dog! 😊 he came into my life when I was sick and it was the best thing possible. We miss our Daisy girl immensely every day, but we know the years we had her she was given the best life possible and spoiled rotten! Even though her life was shortened due to her cancer if I had known she had it when we got her, we still would have taken her. I will never have anything negative to say about GK ad all the volunteers that do some pretty amazing things. You matter, your work matters. I read every post, sometimes I cry because I hurt for you. I know you’re a different person right now but I truly hope you find something that gives you purpose and hope for each day. So even if you move to Africa and live in a tree, I will still be reading and hoping to share in your journey. Blessings and I my wish for you is some peace in the DR. Whether you are there a year, 10, 20 or the rest of your life. Please keep writing. You matter!


  4. Just my humble opinion only, but in my mind, a friend is a friend in both happy and sad times. I know my comments here are often much too long, but even a one word response may just help the blogger make it through the day. Grief sucks. It’s not pleasant. But….it’s also not contagious! Hugs to you Lisa.


    1. And you’ve proven that in our friendship. I’ll never be able to return this favor since you already lost Lee way before we met, but you will always have in me a friend who will answer that call in the middle of the night, come and help you bury the body, and never speak of it again. 😉

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